10 Easy Tasks = 10x Easier on the Eye

10 Easy Tasks = 10x Easier on the Eye

Prep and Prepare Your Bedrooms and Bathrooms to Show Their Best!

The objective for preparing your bedrooms and bathrooms is to make the Buyer envisage themselves relaxing and sleeping in the bedroom and indulging whilst still enjoying practical use of the bathrooms.
You want to leave a lasting memory that they will remember when going over their shortlist of houses they viewed that day. You want the bedrooms and bathrooms to have a WOW factor, look inviting, be practical, be a retreat, a quiet place or stand up to rough and tumble toddlers or teenagers who we can expect to spend hours in either of these two rooms, Either way, a little prep will go a long way!
There are several specific things you can do to visually make their space really inviting.

Action Plan

  1. Clear off bedside tables and dresses except for a few necessary items and consider investing in a new bedspread.
  2. Walk-in closet floor to be kept clean, free of dirty laundry, organized, and uncluttered. Keep the closet doors closed, but make sure they can be opened freely.
  3. Make sure windows and /or all special features of the room can be seen and take down all posters and straighten any photographs and paintings.
  4. Remove all personal items, medication, diaries and place them in a drawer or closet.
  5. Coordinate all towels with one or two colors. Fold in thirds and hang neatly every day. Purchase new towels just for the showings and then use your everyday family towels when not showing the house.
  6. Keep the toilet lid down at all times and if you have one, remove the cloth toilet lid cover.
  7. Place all cleaning supplies (plunger, toilet brush, etc and garbage can under the sink.
  8. Scatter rugs to a minimum, no more than one, and consider a new shower curtain or clean the current curtain.
  9. Clear off counters, remove all personal items (hide in sink cabinet), and replace the soap with one neat bottle.
  10. Reduce items in the shower/tub and put away the scale.
Less is More - Here is to a Successful Showing!

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