Simple Tasks to Make Your Showings More Successful

Simple Tasks to Make Your Showings More Successful

Your Front Door Opens Pique Their Curiosity to View the Rest of Your Home

The moment the buyer walks into your home you want it to be unforgettable, inviting, piquing their curiosity to see more and more and then make an offer. Successful sale!
Streamlining and decluttering your lounge/dining room and kitchen will make it easier on the eye and enables the buyer to envisage themselves living in the home. Those first impressions count, make it memorable.
There are several quick and easy things to do to invite the Buyers inside.

Action Plan

  1. In the lounge remove most of your personal photographs and minimize paintings on the wall.
  2. Reduce the number of pillows on couches to zero or two and try to have a color code/theme.
  3. Do not have too many plants in one area, spread them out through the house or give them away. Remove all dying plants.
  4. Clear off the coffee and/or end tables except for maybe 2-3 magazines and one nice vase or statue.
  5. Box up and store any collections (items could get broken, stolen, or be distracting) and pack up the little things as they create clutter and distract buyers.
  6. In the dining room clear off the dining table except for one centerpiece, make it the focal point of the room and remove the tablecloth.
  7. Remove extra dining room chairs (four chairs is plenty) and remove extra leaves from the table to make the room look bigger.
  8. Repair items that are broken (this will show that your home is well taken care of)
  9. In the kitchen clear the counters and only leave a few items (Keurig, Toaster Oven, etc) and reduce the number of items above the cabinets.
  10. Remove all magnets, photos, children’s drawings, etc from the front of the fridge.
  11. Hide knives in drawer or pantry (security risk, easily accessible weapon)
  12. Remove all snacks/fruit/candy in case of allergies and clean out the fridge.
By doing the above simple tasks your home will be the first one they remember, the purchase offer will be in and your home will be Sold! Congratulations!

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